“Yo, Vicki the Witch”

“Hello everyone, I’m doing fine since that everyone was against me in DVTV and I didn’t pay attention to all that BS about me after I was kicked out of DVTV. the reason I asked Zack to do this is so I could defend myself against Vicki and her bogus accusations about me. First, I refused to join DVV because Robert still won’t come forward about who hacked DVV. When he does come forward and tells the world who hacked his site then that’s when I will join. I see you Vicki L Welch saying I’m married and blah blah..Sorry to inform you that I’m not married. If I was, I wouldn’t be living here with my mother sorry. I would be out somewhere in a nice house with a family, with a nice job, nice cars and all that shit you claimed that I have. Just like you claimed all that bs about how Lauren is not Kaboom when Zack has presented hard evidence that she is Kaboom, Ninja, AXE, and Ed McCarthy.I’m aware of what happened with Zack, He was who told me and shared all that information with. You who also claimed Zack lived here in Syracuse during the 2000’s.. If he did, we would have met in person a long time ago. We never did. (Fyi, Vicki, there is always more than one deafsnake living in the US, just like there is always more than one Zacky living in the US.) So enough with the accusations because like Bulldog, you’re a damn liar.


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