How I got another Job offer? VLog_003

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Hello my name is Harold I am looking for a job, I got an crazy idea, worth a try, I will pay you 100 euro if you refer me a minijob or part time job with contract.. 200 euro for full time job with contract. If I get a job with contract because of you I will pay you with my first paycheck.

How can I pay if I got the job. I will pay you in cash or pay you by PayPal whatever you rather..

My job experience is hotel van driver, FedEx ground driver & delivery, warehouse job loading, & unloading forklift driver, bus boy, dish washer, cook helper, t-shirt screen print. You get the idea what kind of job I am looking for..

You can pm me a job you know that are hiring.. Or email me at [email protected]

Also if two people sent me same job opening first person will get the refer money if I get a job contract and first paycheck.

– Harold

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