For Bulldog

Hello everyone. You fake Christians amuse me, Especially you, Bulldog. You amuse me the most. You know why? You are a dumbfuck you know why? “Oh I see Noah’s Ark in the sky!” “Oh I see a rainbow!” “Oh I see signs! That must mean God is talking to me!”  Seriously? You believe Noah’s Ark, a gigantic boat can fly in the sky?  Boats does not run on AIR. They run on WATER.  And according to what I’m familiar with the bible, Didn’t it rain straight for 1 or 2 years thus requiring the Ark? You? It only rained one day and you freaked out and decided to go find it and even tried to chase a damn Rainbow. What a waste of gas.  If Noah’s Ark did exist as you saw, I am sure they would have had a pair of vultures on board and we all know how you feel about vultures. 🙂 And don’t you know the Bible was written by MEN not WOMEN? If you existed at that time, Noah would have told you and your wife to go away since the Church was very anti-LGBT at the time. Most of it still is… You should try practicing what you can understand instead of this BS.  At least you got on a highway with signs for travel plazas so you should thank your God for giving you McDonald’s to make you happy…

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  1. Zacky

    September 7, 2018 at 2:29 am C-link

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